Moscow club NII faces closure

The Moscow club NII is unable to make its rent payments and faces closure. The management announced the news on the Facebook page for the event Life, which will take place March 4th.

“Our debts are growing. But we’re not giving up and continue looking for ways to save our club.”

All are welcome to the event this Friday at 9pm. Moscow DJs Rozet, Lipelis, Poima, OL, Low808, Tulya, Burago and Kassir are set to perform. The minimum cover is 300RUB.

The club owners declined to comment to The Village.

NII, or “Science and Art” in Russian, opened in February 2015. It is located at Nastavnichesky Pereulok, dom 13-15, bldg. 3.

NII has served as a home for the music collective John’s Kingdom and the label GOST ZVUK. Associated acts like buttechno and Low808 performed at Berghain in February. GOST ZVUK also recently received its own section at renowned Berlin record store Hard Wax.

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